Personal Spiritual Growth

Indiana Academy is a place where students are able to grow in their personal spiritual faith. Every class is taught to better reveal to students the true Author of all that is good, noble, and true. The sciences testify to God’s creation, mathematics demonstrate that He is a God of order, history reveals His works in our world, and language arts better prepare every student to articulate and appreciate the nature of His Word. At Indiana Academy, the study and appreciation of the Bible is not confined to the Bible classroom.

As a Seventh-day Adventist institution, we know how critical it is for our students to understand the prophetic time in which we are living. It is our desire that our students learn for themselves what it means to be a Christian in today’s society, both conceptually and practically. When students embrace the program at Indiana Academy, they are able to play an active role in learning how to worship, how to serve others, and how to better reflect their Creator in a genuine and authentic way.

Worship Opportunities

A few ways our students enrich their faith

Student-led church services throughout the Indiana Conference
Intensive Bible electives twice a year
Faculty & Student-led small group Bible studies
Daily chapel and personal devotion time
International and domestic mission trips