Financial Information

Funding Your Education

At Indiana Academy we strive to offer a quality, Seventh-day Adventist education. Even though our tuition rates are designed to be as fair as possible, we realize that the costs of a quality program cannot be covered by every family without some sacrifice. We are happy to be able to offer some financial assistance to families who truly desire their children to attend our school, but cannot afford the entire cost of tuition. It is our goal that anyone who wants to attend Indiana Academy may be able to do so. In addition to providing work opportunities for all eligible students, we also offer a variety of scholarships and financial assistance. In the 2016-2017 school year, more than $750,000 was awarded to students who were in financial need. 

Each student's financial situation is unique. For your own personalized financial plan, please contact the Business Manager.


The chart below shows the different scholarships that are offered to students who attend Indiana Academy. Contact the Business Manager to find out more details on eligibility and how to apply.


Conference Partnership
  • Indiana Conference member
  • Income Limits
You home church decides amount and
the Indiana conference
will match up to 
$2,000 within guidelines
1. Fill out application
2. Turn into church
3. Church board approves
4. Church sends application
    to IA 
Academy Days Award    Academy Day attendees  up to $1,000 Participates in Academy
Adventist Elementary
Achievement Award
8th grade graduates from Indiana
Conference schools
 $500 Selected by elementary teachers
and principals
Financial Assistance All Students who show
financial need
 Varies depending on funds raised Apply with Business Manager
Indiana Scholarship Based on income  $2,500 - $7,000
  • Apply with Business Manager
  • Bring most current tax return
Music Scholarship New student or choral
 up to $500 towards music fees Contact music department
Audition, with references
Sponsors All students  Varies Seek out family, friends and church
members to support your student


Forms & Applications

Indiana Choice Scholarship Income Limits

Conference Partnership Application

Conference Partnership Application-Spanish

Sponsorship Application

Job Application

Music Scholarship Application